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A Simplified Guide
Identify your needs
Your preferences

Determine the type of parlour that suits your preferences. Opt for an operator-controlled system (OCS) for hands-on milking, as modern OCS parlours often outperform automated milking systems (AMS) in cost and labour efficiency.

Parlour Options
Select your ideal parlour

Double-Up: Our Double-Up parlour gives you maximum performance in a smaller space. This herringbone system is suited for smaller spaces in case you want to use your existing barn. A shorter parlour means less walking and faster row changes. The Milk-controller units are closer to the operator making it easier to access and control. The Double-Up parlour is known its individual cluster system and has a capacity for cluster on time that approaches 60% when working efficiently.


Swing-Over: Our Swing-Over parlour is the ideal parlour if you prioritize efficiency and speed. Milking up to nine cows per hour with just 1 cluster, this parlour has the impressive cluster on capacity of 90%. This parlour is created with Swing-Over arms, giving you the ability to milk 2 cows per cluster unit. When cows on the left side of the parlour are being milked, you can prep cows on the right side. When the cows on the left side are finished, you swing the cluster to the right and start attaching. The swing-over arm will hold the cluster making milking less labour intensive and much faster.


Mobile Milking Solutions: Strive for milking success with our Mobile Milking Solutions, where innovation and adaptability come together for the modern farmer. Our mobile milking parlours are fully pre-installed parlours, equipped with Dairymaster’s latest milking technology. The parlours are built for farmers seeking simplicity, flexibility and freedom without compromising efficiency and capacity. Our Mobile Milking Solutions are designed to revolutionise your milking experience.

Mobile Milking Systems

Rotary: Our Rotary is one of the world’s most advanced rotary parlour systems. Experience milking more cows in less time and with less labour. If your herd size is approaching 200 cows it’s time to start thinking about a rotary parlour. The biggest advantage of a rotary is that you can keep milking. The operator stays in the one position and the cows move towards you. There is no need to interrupt the milking process to allow a new row of cows to enter. In other words, cow throughput is exceptionally good. From basic to high-tech options the Rotary can be designed to your needs.

Consider the Future
Company growth

Anticipate your herd’s and company growth over the next decade. Plan for expansion by choosing a larger parlour or building with future additions in mind.

Designing for Efficiency
Optimal cow flow

The best way to design a good working parlour is to prioritise the wellbeing of your herd and creating a good cow flow to and from the parlour. Optimal cow flow can be established by creating a smart layout. Cows do not like sharp bends, level differences, slippery floors or protruding objects.

We think along with you
Designing for Efficiency and Operator Comfort
Customizing your parlour

As you are milking 2 or 3 times per day it’s important to think about milking comfort. With herd sizes increasing more is required from you physically, therefore comfort becomes paramount. Let us help you by customizing your parlour to tailor fit your needs.

Building Layout and Site Considerations
Many variables

The next step in the process is to get your parlour designed according to your site’s requirements. There are many variables to be considered, especially when designing for an existing building. It is important to prioritize cow flow with a smart layout, avoiding sharp bends and ensuring ample space.

Level of Automation
Advanced systems

Automation is where technology comes into play. There are different levels of automation, from the most basic to the most high-tech. Choose automation levels based on your farm’s needs, from automated cluster removal and cleaning systems to advanced systems integrating various farm data and cow recognition software.

Energy Efficiency: Consider energy-saving options upfront for long-term returns. Invest in heat recovery technologies, insulated milk cooling tanks, and variable speed vacuum pumps to reduce electricity consumption and equipment wear.

By simplifying the decision-making process, you can efficiently choose a milking parlour that aligns with your current needs and future aspirations. Contact us now for more information!
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