Our objective is to be the world’s best. This is what the Dairymaster brand stands for: the “Master” of “Dairy” technology worldwide. Dairymaster supplies a large portfolio of milking installations, related feeding systems, manure scrapers, milk cooling tanks and advanced sensor systems. Dairymaster is located in Causeway, Ireland, where up to 90% of the milking plant is built in its own production facility.

Read more about Dairymaster and the full portfolio at www.dairymaster.com

Dairymaster BV is located in Zeewolde and is the head office for mainland Europe. The parts supply for this region is provided from the central warehouse in Seehausen (Germany).

In addition to the Dairymaster portfolio, several types of milking systems in the “MobiStar” segment are built and sold in-house. These are prefab milking parlors that can be installed quickly and easily and, due to the modular design, retain their value and can also be accommodated in lease constructions.

For sales and service support, we work with an extensive dealer network throughout Europe.

Would you like to get acquainted with our mobile milking parlors and / or become acquainted with the Dairymaster milking principle? We are happy to make an appointment with you where it is also possible to visit reference milking parlors near you.

Our representatives can of course also provide you with detailed information about other products from our range.

suckling calf

Dairymaster milking technique

The MobiStar is a Europe Dairy Systems product. This mobile milking parlour uses the Dairymaster milking system, also referred to as “the Irish milking system”.  This milking system is characterized by the way in which the vacuum levels imitate calf suckling. This milking system is only possible because the milk is conveyed up in combination with simultaneous milking (4 quarters simultaneously). This creates a so-called milk plug that causes resistance, which in turn causes a very low vacuum level below the teat during the rest phase.
Read about the benefits below.

Dairymaster manufactures 95% of its products in its factory in Ireland. What singles out their products is the high levels of stainless steel used and the number of innovative products developed in house. Examples include: milk measurement, cow identification, automatic feeding systems, cow selection, backing systems, manure scrapers, bulk milk tanks, MooMonitor+ health monitoring, etc. Dairymaster is the market leader in Swing-Over milking systems and outdoor milking stalls. More information is provided in the video below.

Benefits of Dairymaster milking systems:

  • The natural way of milking
  • Complete milk out
  • No more clusters falling off
  • Reduced milking time
dairymaster schedule

Natural milking

The summary below sets out the benefits of the Dairymaster milking system:

  • The natural way of milking: Dairymaster milks as nature intended by imitating a suckling calf. Dairymaster has a high stable milking vacuum when the liner is open. This is known as the “B” phase. This “B” phase is directly related to the milking speed. When the liner is closed Dairymaster has a low rest vacuum. This is known as the “D” phase. This low “D” phase vacuum creates relief during the rest phase.
  • Complete milk out: Scientific research has shown that the Dairymaster milking system generates up to 5% more milk than other commercially available clusters on the market through its unique combination of the claw, liner and pulsation system. Click on the following text for the original: Teagasc research report.
  • No more clusters falling off: The combination of the milking system, the tapered, very soft and flexible liners and the unique milking approach ensures that the number of clusters that drop off because of sucked-in air is kept to a minimum. It also prevents air intake during milking. If air is sucked in during milking contamination and bacteria can enter the other quarters with great speed. This can lead to mastitis. But it also prevents inconvenience and delays during milking.
  • Reduced milking time: Last but not least, the Dairymaster milking system milks each cow up to 1 minute faster. The Dairymaster’s natural way of milking not only ensures improved udder health but also reduces the milking time.