— PRESS RELEASE —                                                                                                                       Zeewolde, 29 april 2022

Milking parlour renovation in one day

Milking in the old parlour in the morning, and in the new Swing-Over in the evening!

Uncertainties increase the demand for flexibility when purchasing a milking parlour. With the ModuStar Modular parlours Dairymaster has an answer to this.

Financially, these systems can be purchased through a fixed partner in an attractive lease construction. Technically it is possible to realize a brand new parlour with minimal adjustments on the building. 

The key to the ModuStar concept is a fully prefabricated parlour that, with good preparation, can be assembled and operational within one day. During the construction phase, the farmer is relieved of a maximum of stress because no temporary solutions are required. With the new milking technique, the farmer has a new modern milking parlour at his disposal. In most cases, a higher capacity parlour can be achieved with minimal structural adjustments.

The modular construction ensures a high residual value and additional financial benefits such as an interesting lease construction. This is due to the modules being easy to disassemble with the milking technology remaining intact.

The ModuStar is a full-fledged parlour that is 85% pre-assembled in the factory. It is a fully galvanized frame with built-in Dairymaster milking technology that can be placed in its totality above the (existing) milking pit. This makes it possible to install a new modern and efficient ModuStar in the place of the current parlour. Finally, because of the in-built modification, a lengthy permit process is also saved.

Get informed about the ModuStar at www.mobilemilkingsystems.com


A video of the conversion can be included with the message via the following link:  Dairymaster – ModuStar installation timelapse april 2022

High-resolution images on request.