The Mobistar Field is a complete mobile milking parlour and specially designed for milking in the field. The milking machine is equipped with the Dairymaster milking technology and is equipped with a wheelset which makes it possible to move it with a tractor. This makes the parlour very useful for multiple locations as summer in the meadow and winter in the barn.

Advantages Mobistar Field:

  • Complete pre-installed milking installation for direct use
  • Robust design with modern milking technology
  • Easily movable because of the hydraulic wheel set
  • Can be used in the meadow during the summer and in the barn during the winter
  • Compact with easy cow routing

Complete milking installation

The mobile milking parlour is built as a trailer and contains all necessary Dairymaster milking technology and can be equipped with automatic cluster removal. The cows walk onto the Mobistar by bridge and are positioned at 50 degrees for milking and exit directly through the side exit for optimal cow routing.

Available models:

  • 1×6 (approx. 30 cows / hour)
  • 1×8 (approx. 40 cows / hour)
  • 1×10 (approx. 50 cows / hour)

Flexible use

The MobiStar Field is ideal for many different situations because it requires minimal space for cow traffic.Due to the mobile design, the parlour can be used at different locations in the pasture during the summer, after which it can be used in the barn during the winter. This offers the possibility of flexible financing options.

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