This mobile milking parlour is a fully pre-installed milking parlour equipped with Swing-Over milking technology. The MobiStar Swing is synonymous with speed, flexible positioning and financing options.

The MobiStar is built to last. It is fully galvanised, has a slatted floor and incorporates a technical unit housed in protective synthetic panelling. With a capacity of up to 100 cows per hour the MobiStar Swing is not only a problem solver, but also a good investment for the future.

Benefits of MobiStar Swing:

  • Can be used on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Has a capacity of up to 100 cows per hour
  • Built to industrial standards
  • Fits readily into a leasing arrangement


Complete milking

The milking parlour has a modular structure with a technical compartment and milking pit. The cows are positioned in a 50-degree formation with the use of a width-adjustable zigzag breast rail at the front. The milking system used is the Swing-Over system which ensures large volumes with just 1 milker.



  • 2×6 Swing-Over (approx. 48 cows per hour)
  • 2×8 Swing-Over (approx. 64 cows per hour)
  • 2×10 Swing-Over (approx. 80 cows per hour)
  • 2×12 Swing-Over (approx. 96 cows per hour)
  • 2×14 Swing-Over (approx. 112 cows per hour)
  • 2×16 Swing-Over (separate technical room)
  • 2×18 Swing-Over (separate technical room)


  • Vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel milk receiver
  • Milk pump
  • Milk filter
  • Auto washer with
  • stainless steel wash through
  • Own fuse box


  • Milking clusters and pulsators
  • Stainless steel Swing-Over arms
  • Automatic cluster removal
  • Stainless milk and vacuum lines
  • Cow stand with zig-zag positioning system
  • Synthetic slatted floor around the milker
  • Air operated entry/exit gate

Flexible in its use

The MobiStar Swing can be used in various situations. For example, the Swing can be supplied with its floor at ground level, which makes it particularly suitable for use on farms where the MobiStar will be used as a permanent or semi-permanent milking parlour. It is possible to fit ramps to the mobile milking parlour, so that it can be placed practically anywhere.


Example: In an existing building
The MobiStar enables you to maximise the space on your farm: even with no apparent room available, the MobiStar can still fit nicely into your farm. Space to house the MobiStar can often be found in a shed or anywhere in a barn. Even a slurry pit can, with some adjustments, provide the necessary space for a permanent or semi-permanent mobile milking parlour.


  • Possibility of reusing existing buildings
  • Set up a fully operational milking parlour at minimal cost
  • Can be positioned on feeding alley or slatted floor
  • Can be placed below ground level in a remodelled slurry pit 

Example: Next to a building, under a lean-to that can be added later
A number of users have installed the MobiStar next to an existing barn. A roof or lean-to over the milking parlour can often be added at a later stage. This way you can add a milking facility in stages.


  • Can be fitted in between existing buildings
  • An affordable way of acquiring a complete milking facility
  • Allows a phased expansion of the milking parlour
  • In most cases, no building permit is required 

Example: Open air location
The mobile milking parlour comes with a roof over the milking pit, which means that it can be located outside in the open. This enables the MobiStar to be set up practically anywhere as a temporary solution.

The MobiStar is also available with an adjustable roof above the cow position mounted on the MobiStar.


  • Fits between existing buildings
  • No permit required

A solution for every problem


Has your farm suffered fire damage? Contact us for suitable options. If available, the MobiStar can usually be put to use almost immediately.


We are regularly contacted by milking robot users, because their business profitability is being undermined by service costs and other problems. However, not everyone has the money to fund a new milking parlour. In such situations, a MobiStar can be hired and put to use within the existing set-up. If desired, we can also provide assistance with the sale of the robots. A MobiStar will facilitate a farmer in working towards a healthy cash flow and a better future.


Has growth has led to longer milking times, but you are not yet ready for a new plant? The MobiStar will allow you to manage for a few more years until the farm is ready for the next step. The MobiStar milks up to 100 cows per hour with 1 milker. In other words, it’s a real timesaver!


If obtaining finance for a conventional milking parlour is not possible, a MobiStar can provide an alternative. A lease contract will allow you to hire the MobiStar for a number of years. Ultimately, it’s your choice as to whether you buy the MobiStar or not.


This is something the MobiStar is particularly ideal for. You will be amazed by its capacity.

If we haven’t mentioned your own specific situation above?

Just contact us, so that we can help find a solution.