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Quick Installation
Discover Seamless Setup and Swift Operation

Discover Seamless Setup and Swift Operation with the MobiStar

When you opt for the Mobile milking system, you’re choosing efficiency right from the get-go. Delivered as a fully assembled unit, this innovative solution requires minimal setup and connection on-site. Whether you’re opting for our rapid one-day installation or allowing for a few days, rest assured, the parlour its streamlined setup process ensures a hassle-free experience every step of the way.

Gone are the days of complex installations and prolonged setup times. With a mobile milking system, simplicity reigns supreme.

Just imagine: the moment it arrives at your location, it’s ready to spring into action. No need for intricate assembly or extensive configuration. Our all-in-one solution means you can start milking the same day it’s delivered, saving you valuable time and resources.

And that’s not all – even in remote or challenging locations, the parlour proves its mettle. Thanks to its versatile design and user-friendly setup, you’ll find that achieving operational readiness is a breeze, regardless of your farm’s unique circumstances.

Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes and hello to seamless efficiency with the mobile milking parlour.

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