mobistar hydraulic

This mobile milking parlour has a movable platform and incorporates a revolutionary new design. The MobiStar Hydraulic singles itself out on account of its compact cow-routing, mobile design and flexible financing options.

The way the cows are routed to and from the mobile milking parlour means that the MobiStar slots in easily in most situations. The cows walk onto the platform at ground level and a few seconds later the platform is raised. When the milking is finished, the platform is lowered and the cows leave via the rapid-exit at the front.

Moving the unit is simple, because the MobiStar Hydraulic can raise itself and then be placed on a trailer. This makes the milking parlour ideal for use in various locations, e.g. in the fields during the summer and in the barn during the winter.

Benefits of the MobiStar Hydraulic:

  • Very easy to move
  • Compact cow-routing
  • Can be used in the fields or in the barn
  • Can be used as a simple temporary solution

Complete milking

The milking parlour has a modular design with a technical compartment and milking platform. The cows are positioned in a 90-degree arrangement by means of self-locking gates. The milker is protected from the weather by a roof with fitted lights. The technical components, electronics and milk intake are all housed within a separate technical unit.



  • 1×6 (approx. 30 cows per hour)
  • 1×8 (approx. 40 cows per hour)
  • 1×10 (approx. 50 cows per hour)
  • 1×12 (approx. 60 cows per hour)


  • Vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel milk receiver
  • Milk pump
  • Milk filter
  • Auto washer with
  • Stainless steel wash through
  • Own fuse box


  • Milking clusters and pulsators
  • Automatic cluster removal with Smart-Start
  • Stainless milk and vacuum lines
  • Rubber floor mats on the cow platform
  • Hydraulic raising and lowering of cow platform
  • Hydraulically operated entry and exit gates
  • Hydraulically operated rapid-exit gates
  • Hydraulically operated roof with cover

Flexible in its use

The MobiStar Hydraulic fits readily into many different situations. Because it does not need much room for cow traffic, the Hydraulic lends itself particularly well for use as a temporary milking parlour. Its mobile design means that the milking parlour is ideal for use in various locations, e.g. in the fields during the summer and in the barn in winter.


Example: In the vincinity of the barn
The MobiStar Hydraulic can be positioned with ease in many situations because the cows can leave the platform at the front of the MobiStar. This space-saving design makes the MobiStar especially suitable for use in temporary situations. For example, it can be easily put into position next to the barn or on the feeding or walking passage.


  • Ideal for use as a temporary milking parlour
  • No construction costs
  • Up and running in next to no time
  • Compact cow routing
  • Can be positioned next to the barn

Application: In the field
Thanks to the mobile concept, the MobiStar Hydraulic can be easily transported. The same hydraulic mechanism is used to lift the unit and the platform with the cows. By attaching easily removable support legs, the MobiStar is raised and a flat trailer can be driven under it.


  • Easy to transport
  • Full, modern milking technique
  • Ergonomic working with movable platform
  • Milking in the meadow in summer and in the stable in winter

A solution for every problem


Has your farm suffered fire damage? Contact us for suitable options. If available, the MobiStar can usually be put to use almost immediately.


Are you planning to renovate your milking parlour and looking for a temporary milking facility? The MobiStar Hydraulic can be quite easily installed in or near your barn.


We are frequently approached by organic dairy farmers about modern milking parlours for use in the pasture. These farms would prefer to do their summer milking in the pasture and use the milking parlour in the barn in winter. A generator can be used for power when the MobiStar is outdoors in the field . If a fixed paved location is used, power can be sourced from a mains supply.


If obtaining finance for a conventional milking parlour is not possible, a MobiStar can provide an alternative. A leasing contract allows you to hire the MobiStar for a number of years. Ultimately, it’s your choice as to whether you buy the MobiStar or not.

If we haven’t mentioned your own specific situation above?

Just contact us, so that we can help find a solution.