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About us
since 1968
About us
since 1968
Farming equipment

Dairymaster has been in operation since 1968 having seen first hand the need for better products in dairy farming. Since then we have grown and now employ almost 400 people at our 11-acres manufacturing facility in Causeway, Southwest of Ireland and we have become internationally recognised as a leader in dairy equipment manufacturing. Our headquarters in Ireland and offices in the EU, the UK and USA serve customers in over 40 countries! Operating on a global scale, we stand out with a distinctive approach. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary.

We passionately embrace scientific research, integrating advanced software and technology to craft products that elevate efficiency and performance while maintaining and safeguarding the connection between farmer and animal.

What sets us apart is our dedication to sustainability. We’re not just building equipment; we’re shaping the future of dairy farming where innovation and tradition meet. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of dairy farming equipment and technology. We want to redefine dairy farming, making it not just a livelihood but a thriving and sustainable venture.

From the groundbreaking MooMonitor+, monitoring cows’ fertility cycles, to the fully automated milking parlours, our technology isn’t just innovative — it’s transformative as it safeguards and respects the essence of the farm.

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Redefine the landscape

At Dairymaster, our mission is to redefine the landscape of dairy farming. Beyond just a livelihood, we envision it as a thriving and sustainable venture. Operating globally, our distinctive approach stands out by passionately embracing scientific research and cutting-edge technology. By integrating tradition with innovation, we craft products that not only elevate efficiency and performance but also strengthen the timeless bond between farmer and animal.

Shape the future

Our vision at Dairymaster is to stand at the forefront of the dairy farming revolution, bridging the gap between Innovation and Tradition. We aspire to be the world’s most dynamic, innovative, and customer-focused dairy technology company. Through sustainable practices and transformative technologies, we aim to shape the future of dairy farming, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

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